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In Living Campus – Early Learning or Last Minute? (Ep. 7 Season 3)

What’s up for this week? πŸ’―πŸ“βœ” We bring you our very last episode on In-Living Campus 3.0! Since final exam is around the corner, lets talk about…. Study: Early Learning or Last Minute? πŸ“– Guest: β€’ Syed A. Alsagoff β€’…

In Living Campus – Reaction Youth: Debate Series (Ep. 6 Season 3)

What’s up for this week? A very well-known event, familiar with the name of Syed Saddiq, we bring you today in In-Living Campus: Reaction Youth Debate Series! πŸ—£βœ” πŸ—£βœ” Watch our Youtube live today, 27th November at 9-10PM, only on…

In Living Campus – Anak Seni di Kampus Islamik (Ep. 5 Season 3)

Topic: Anak Seni di Kampus Islamik Guest: Kshatriya Production [Teroesir] β€’ Hakim Fauzi – Director of Teroesir β€’ Nuha Alia – Cast β€’ Ikmal Arief – Cast Juragan Pentas [Natrah] β€’ Luqman Alif – Program Manager & Cast β€’ Muhammad…

In Living Campus – Rhythm of Hope (Ep. 4 Season 3)

Topic: *IIUM Disability Grand Awareness Campaign – IDGAC* & *Ryhthm of Hope* Guest: β€’ *Nurul Wahida Aimi Zamri* PC Central IDGAC β€’ *Aina Ismail* PR IDGAC β€’ *Taufiq Mat Nasir* PM COMMBEST

In Living Campus – International Meets Local (Ep. 3 Season 3)

What’s up for this week? This week on In-Living Campus: International Student Meets Malaysian! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ x πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Guests β€’ Mohd Al-Alif β€’ Ma Saili a.k.a Lim

In Living Campus – Study ft. Work (Ep. 2 Season 3)

Can I still earn money while studying? Hm.. let’s find out! Guests: Najihah Zaidi, Naim Suhail, Hazim Halim

In-Living Campus – Budget Planning (Ep. 1 Season 3)

How to Plan Budget? Guests : Hazman, Hilman, Aida Syafiqah (IIUM Students)